In my yoga classes I want to create a safe space for healing and transformation by gentle and soft, yet sometimes powerful practice. Listening to yourself and accepting and honoring the beauty of incompleteness can take you to see your body and soul as unique and lovable as they truly are.
My yoga classes are gentle flow, yin yoga and restorative yoga, sometimes a combination of all these three. I also enjoy bringing elements of sound healing and shiatsu massage to my classes to offer you a beautiful experience of total relaxing and bliss.
I encourage you to do your practice honoring your body and your current state of being, just as it is in this moment. Yoga, as life itself, is constant flow and change and every practice is different. Listen to yourself, your body, mind and soul and let the practice happen gently and effortlessly.

Yoga Services in Levi

If you want to offer yourself or your group a yoga session or a retreat in the most beautiful and magical surroundings of Levi, Lapland, I would love to host you. You can contact me by e-mail or phone for private classes.