Mindful presence and slow moments for anyone seeking for themselves and good life

Gentle yoga practice and small slow moments can take you towards peace, happiness and inner strength. The nature of Lapland and the quietness of the fells combined with yoga practices can take you to your true north, where your soul and intuition can be heard effortlessly. I offer yoga classes, workshops and retreats in the most beautiful and magical surroundings of Lapland, Levi.

“Yin is a soft, feminine and receiving energy, the world of the night and moon and goddesses. Surrendering to life and trusting in yourself and life can be found when you turn yourself towards acceptance, grace and this very moment. Yin’s world is also a deep dive into your dreams and subconsciousness, hearing and honoring all your feelings and gently accepting everything in you.” – Essi


I’m Essi Siitari, yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and a shiatsu practioner, who loves nature and beauty in all of it’s forms, family and friends, books and writing and the constant flow of life and the joy of becoming your true self. I found my inner landscape from the beautiful and peaceful Lapland and moved to north with my husband in fall 2020.

In my yoga classes I want to create a safe space for healing and transformation by gentle and soft, yet sometimes powerful practice. Listening to yourself and accepting and honoring the beauty of incompleteness can take you to see your body and soul as unique and lovable as they truly are.